Telemedicine in Europe

The following country contain information about the political, social, economic and regulatory background for telemedicine.  The individual service descriptions cover the service’s aim and main beneficiaries, the targeted population, their current operational status, the category of telemedicine into which it falls, the set-up that was being replaced, and expected outcomes and results. All information is based on information provided by actual telemedicine deployments, and have been edited for content and consistency.

Denmark16 Denmark

Country report
•  COPD Suitcase
•  Health Optimum
•  Teleinterpreting

Estonia-16 Estonia

Country report
•  Doc@Home

Greece-Flag-16 Greece

Country report
•  Telecardiology
•  Telehealth Trikala

Israel-Flag-16 Israel

Country report
•  Chronic disease management

Netherlands-Flag-16 Netherlands

•  Remote intraoperative neuromonitoring

Norway-Flag-16 Norway

Country report
• COPD Patients Briefcase
• Telepsychiatry
• Integrated home care of ulcers
• Teledialysis

Spain-Flag-16 Spain

Country report
• Guttmann NeuroPersonalTrainer
• Xarxa TeleIctus

Sweden-Flag-16 Sweden

Country report
• Electronic healthcare
• RxEye Remote Reading

United-Kingdom-Flag-16 United Kingdom

Country report
• Teldialysis
• Telescot Programme

The list of these country and service descriptions will be expanded.  For comments or feedback, or if you’d like to contribute, please write to info@localhost or join the debate in our LinkedIn group.