Momentum session on 14 May 2014 at eHealth Forum

15 May 2014

Momentum hosted a session at eHealth Forum in Athens on 14 May 2014.

The Secrets of Telehealth: how to deploy services in routine care

For decades, telemedicine and telehealth projects have been receiving a lot of attention from innovative health care professionals. However, only few projects have successfully shifted from lab to routine care. Even fewer have gone from small- to large-scale deployment. Lack of clinical evidence, user adoption, reimbursement and business models have often been identified as the main explanations for this situation. An element that has been much less studied is the lack of deployment method. Unquestionably, this is also a pitfall.

Several organisations and key players in telemedicine across Europe have decided to join forces. They have launched the Momentum project to work on how to deploy telemedicine, by analysing those initiatives which have been successfully deployed and identifying the reasons why they were successful, i.e. their Secrets!

This session was the first opportunity to access the first results of the project, a list of Success Factors which are Critical for the deployment of telemedicine in routine care on a large scale.


pdf-iconThere are more pilots in telehealth than …
Marc Lange, EHTEL and project coordinator for Momentum (Belgium)

pdf-iconCritical Success Factors for a deployment strategy
Rachelle Kaye, AIM and Maccabi Healthcare Services (Israel)

pdf-iconCritical Success Factors for managing organisational change
Peeter Ross, eTervis (Estonia)

pdf-iconCritical Success Factors from a legal, regulatory and security perspective
Ellen K. Christiansen, Norwegian Centre for Telemedicine (NST) (Norway)

pdf-iconCritical Success Factors from an ICT perspective
Tino Marti, TicSalut (Spain)

pdf-iconThe case of “German society for patients assistance” (DGP) for validating the Momentum Success Factors
Dr. Steffen Sonntag, Gesellschaft für Patientenhilfe DGP mbH, Munich, Germany

Moderator: Andrea Pavlickova, NHS24 and Action Group B3 on Integrated Care of EIP on AHA

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