University of Hull – Network Member


The University of Hull has an extensive track record in the development, evaluation and application of technologies suitable for the delivery of integrated care services, including telehealth, telecare, mhealth and telemedicine. This expertise stems from combined clinical, health and care service and technological expertise of over 50 academics working together to create technologies which meet real clinical needs and are deployable in real services.

The University has participated in a number of EU funded research projects relating to telehealth, telecare and the application of technology to integrated care services. This includes clinical lead for the Heartcycle project, partners in the INDEPENDENT, Semantic Healthnet and Bravehealth FP7 projects, and partner in the current EIP-AHA funded Advancing Care Coordination and Telehealth Deployment (ACT) program. An independent analysis identified the university as the 5th most connected organisation in Europe for research and activity relating to Personal Health Systems.

The University is also part of a consortium of Hull organisations delivering heart failure and COPD telehealth to over 400 patients as full clinical services.

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