Momentum publishes case studies of successful telemedicine deployments

24 April 2014

The Momentum project has published 21 case studies of successful telemedicine deployments in nine countries.

Based on responses to the Momentum questionnaire in 2012 and 2013, these service descriptions reflect the current operations of telemedicine services that are part of normal healthcare delivery in their countries. They are accompanied by eight country reports that analyse the policy and legal environment for telemedicine.

All reports can be accessed at

The Momentum project invites other telemedicine doers in Europe to submit additional descriptions of services. The sole criteria for the service:

  • It has to be a telemedicine service in daily operation,
  • It is part of the regular way of providing care or treatment to a significant number of patients/citizens,
  • It is funded or reimbursed as part of the normal funding or reimbursement system in your healthcare system.

To submit your service description, please complete and submit the Momentum service description template (Word, 66 KB).

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