Telehealth success stories

The stories below represent success stories of telehealth interventions.

Patient Briefcase reduces stress (DK)

Wireless Reach (Qualcomm, US) – pdf

Kaiser Permanente testimony before US Congress – pdf

Healthcare Unwired report (PwC) – pdf

Jacqueline Corbett Case Study (Tunstall, UK) – pdf

NYY Case Study (Tunstall, UK) – pdf

Pauline Waite Case Study (Tunstall, UK) – pdf

The National Patient Summary in Sweden

Telehealth in support of integrated care (UK)

Transforming care for COPD patients in Argyll and Bute (UK)

These stories were collected and assembled in 2011/12, and edited in 2013 by the Campaign for Telehealth in support of Integrated Care, an initiative of Brussels-based organisations including AIM, EHMA, EPF, COCIR, CONTINUA, EHTEL and HOPE. A special thanks to Intel for editorial support.