SCTT (NHS 24) – WP Leader for the theme Telemedicine Strategy and Management

The Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Telecare (SCTT) is part of NHS 24, a Special Health Board providing national services across Scotland and directly responsible to Scottish Ministers. In April 2011, the National Telecare Programme merged with SCT to become the Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Telecare (SCTT). The prime aim of the SCTT is to provide practical help to Health Boards and Local Councils across Scotland as they seek to realise the potential of telehealth and telecare in the redesign of health and care services, including policies. The SCTT Strategic Framework has been adopted by the Scottish Government as the national Telehealth Strategy, and the SCTT is currently delivering four national telemedicine programmes (Stroke, Paediatrics, Mental Health, and Long Term Conditions, focussing on COPD). In addition, the team is managing the technical implementation of a national videoconferencing solution, and a national education programme. SCTT harnesses the skills and expertise of key groups across Scotland from medicine, academia, operational management and telehealth/telecare technology suppliers.

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