Momentum launches research phase

27 September 2012

Momentum today launched its initial research and data collection phase with an online questionnaire to gather information about the deployment of telemedicine services.  A summary of this online version is now available (Momentum Questionnaire, pdf 0.7 MB).

Here are two supporting documents that may further help you complete the questionnaire:

– Momentum_Q&A (pdf, 100KB) and
– The Momentum glossary (pdf, 300KB)

For any additional questions please contact questionnaire@localhost.

Would you like to participate?

Momentum seeks to gather information and experiences from telemedicine services in daily operation, defined as a service that

– is part of the regular provision of care or treatment to a significant number of patients/citizens, and
– is funded or reimbursed as part of the normal funding or reimbursement procedures.

Momentum also is interested in a terminated service, in other words a failed attempt to deploy a telemedicine service in daily operation.

What we do not seek is information for a project that is based on special funding provided by a public entity (European, national, regional or local government) or by a technology or infrastructure provider.  However, if an attempt was made to convert a pilot into a regular service and it failed, we consider it a terminated service.

The questionnaire is structured in two parts:

1) The introductory part, questions 1-3, that is only to be completed once for each respondent regardless of the number of services included in the questionnaire.
2) The main part, questions 4-39, consisting of four sections (Strategy and management; Organisational implementation and change management; Legal, regulatory and security issues; and Technical infrastructure and market relations), each with a number of sub-topics.

The questionnaire is a mix of open and closed questions in order to balance control of content and allowing for individual views, assessments etc.

If all this applies to you and you would like to participate (or indeed to join the Momentum network) please write to questionnaire@localhost. The deadline for completing the questionnaire is 1 November 2012.

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