Moving telemedicine from pilot to scale – Quick Guide to the 18 Momentum Critical Success Factors

The answers to the question “What is needed to deploy telemedicine or telehealth?” include the right context, involvement of the key people, good planning and sound “running” of the process.

The Momentum blueprint already offers critical success factors and performance indicators that help decision makers to scale up healthcare services from a distance through information technology. It also delivers a self-assessment toolkit that helps an organisation determine whether it is “ready” for telemedicine deployment. The Blueprint and supporting documents will remain available in this website at

The recent Momentum in a Nutshell Leaflet provides a good overview how the Blueprint may help your service to scale up.

Although Momentum ended in January 2015, key experts and contributors to Momentum will remain available to provide support on how to use the Momentum toolkit, and can be contracted to help an organisation or region deploy telemedicine and share their experience.