EeHF – WP Leader for the theme Organisational Implementation and Change Management

The Estonian E-Health Foundation (EeHF) was established in 2005 by the Ministry of Social Affairs of Estonia (MoS) and leading Estonian healthcare service providers with the objective to initiate and implement e-health activities in Estonia as well as to develop and manage the Estonian nation-wide Electronic Health Record System (EHR.

EeHF develops and administrates the nationwide EHR; coordinates and develops the integration of Estonian healthcare providers’ information systems; develops and manages nationwide health registries; develops, manages and publishes standards and classifications in healthcare sector; coordinates development of nationwide medical guidelines; cooperates with healthcare providers and with other institutions involved in healthcare provision. In addition to promoting and developing national e-solutions within the healthcare system, EeHF also has a broader goal of promoting the development of a patient-centred healthcare system that has empowered and well-informed patients. Estonian EHR System were launched in January 2009, and the gradual development of the system will continue until 2013.

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