DGG – Consortium Member

DGG, Forum for eHealth and Ambient Assisted Living, promotes since 1998 the development and deployment of eHealth and telemedicine services. It is the first recognised non-for-profit organisation (registered association) for eHealth services in Germany.

Today, DGG endorses networked and regionalised health and social services as the crucial success factor to enable personal well-being according to the comprehensive WHO definition and to enable better quality and efficiency of healthcare systems. DGG co-organises TELEMED, the annual National Forum for eHealth and telemedicine and other events in Germany. As part of international collaboration, DGG is the responsible “National member” of the International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth (ISfTeH) and maintains cooperation agreements with the Austrian (ASSTeH) and Swiss (SGTMeH) associations for telemedicine and eHealth.


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